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Safety Tips for Dancers When Leaving The Club

During these tough economic times criminals are looking for any opportuties to make a quick buck and strippers are an easy target. It is important that you protect yourself. They know that when you leave the club, you will have cash with you. Here are the top 6 safety tips when you leave the club

Stripper Safety Tip 1

Never leave with a customer. You do not really know who they are, you might be intoxicated and not be totally aware of your surroundings and some clubs will actually fire you if they see you leave with a customer. No matter what they promise you,do not leave with them….ever! Also never tell acustomer what time you finish…I just say…oh the club makes me stay and do paperwork, and I never kniow how long that takes!

Stripper Safety Tip 2

Make sure you always have a phone on you….and that it is charged and has credits so you could make a phonecall in an emergency. Programme the police phone number as speed dial just in case you need it in a hurry.
Make sure you leave with someone. If you are walking to a car or a cab, try and get the bouncer to walk you (please tip him….your safety is priceless)

Stripper Safety Tip 3

When you are leaving look around and make sure that no one is watching you. You never know if someone may be following you, so make sure.

If you are driving home, Make sure that your car has gas in it, that it is in good working order. We leave work when most helpful people sleep, so do not be at mercy of anyone. Make sure you have your keys before you get to your car so that you are not fumbling.

Stripper Safety Tip 4

Also if you are driving make sure you do not drink. You may feel like you are fine, but it can get very hard to judge, so be on the safe side and don’t drink at all.

Stripper Safety Tip 5

Don’t tell anyone how much money you have made. It is very easy to target girls outside of the strip club after work, be very careful. I tell the girls that I collect a cheque because it is safer….I don’t really but as people know I earn quite a lot, they don’t think I have it in cold hard cash

Stripper Safety Tip 6

If you are going to use a cab service, make sure you find a reputable one. Phone a couple in the day time and ask how long they have been there, how they check the safety of their drivers. Then stick to the same cab company and if possible driver every night so that you are safe. Do not trust any other cab service and if you can share a cab it is better and more safe.

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I`d add carry pepper spray , and learn how to use it quickly. I also found a little waist money belt, that is so thin it can go unnoticed under garter or skirt. I, honestly hate to drink while I am sessioning, unless it is someone I know very well. I also keep it to a minimum. We have to have our wits, brains , physical strength and intuition availanle anytime we are outside of the comforts of home!

Much Prosperity to all, Domina Athenais

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Safety Tips for Dancers When Leaving The Club

Safety Tips for Dancers When Leaving The Club

Criminals are looking for any opportuties to make a quick buck and strippers are an easy target....Read More!

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