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is powered by OffshoreTech Limited. We are a Singapore-based company providing online identity management solutions. We are the ONLY Verification site on planet earth that mining data from dating-related sites and can tell if you somebody is a stalker, deadbeat, or a pig. Sign up and find out for yourself.

Launched in the end of 2011, VerifyHim was on nobody`s radar. Then a few ladies signed up out of boredom. Their expectation was so slow that we had no problem WOW-ing them then. The rest is history. VerifyHim has grown to a community of over 10,000 ladies. We have saved many lives from dangerous cheaters and stalkers.

You should stop reading now and sign up or you will get really bored. It`s Free. What`s your problem?`s mission is to provide a simple background check for people in the online dating community. Yes, we are talking about Tinders and sites like that. The girls can use to check guys against a blacklist database as well as verifying their information through internet footprints. The internet footprints are gathered from many sites/forums, social networks and public databases. We can even tell you if a guy is a serial cheater :-)

When you have a new date, please feel free to verify him with It might save you some troubles lurking ahead. We don`t charge members to use the site, especially those users who don`t do a lot of searches. However, if you plan to use the site often, we do provide a low payment option to help keep online.


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Safety Tips for Dancers When Leaving The Club

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Welcome to is a verification tool for women to stay safe in the world of online dating. It's a dangerous world out there. Join Now! to avoid rapists, stalkers and fake sugar daddies.

If you have information about a potential trafficking situation, please call 1-888-373-7888.