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Screening is a critical step  that often overlooked. It is for your safety. You will spend time alone with a stranger after all, so it makes sense to verify him before the date. As in any business, there are always scammers and abusers lurking around for opportunities.


The good news is screening is easy. The not-so-good news is it may require some creativity on your part.  Asking guys for their personal information can be a sensitive issue for some. You should try to make them feel comfortable and secure with an assuring voice. Telling them that is a standard procedure.


Here is the basic information that you should get from a client:

  • 1.     Full name - including the middle initial. You should also check this information against their ID on your date before doing anything else.
  • 2.     Phone number.
  • 3.     Primary Email Address.
  • 4.     References (2 or more are preferably) - Make sure to ask when and where.

You can use the first #1, #2 and #3 pieces of information with Our full search will check his information against our blacklist database.  VerifyHim`s client blacklist is bigger than nationalblacklist and providerbuzz. We also go through several review sites, boards and forums to check his membership.  There are changes that he has posted a review or being reviewed by another girl.  If he has been a frequent with many girls, the search will yield some results. also searches public records and social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace...) for his information. This kind of information can be very helpful in verifying the guy`s information. You should look for the consistency of his provided information and the search results. You should also contact the provided references for confirmation.


Look out for these signs of problems:

            + There are no records of his provided information.

            + All of his information (email, phone,...) seems to be created recently.

            + He is in our blacklist database.


There are also signs of behavior problems that you should pay attention to while communicating with your client:

            + He sends you a picture of his penis.

            + He wants to have a photo of your face and/or other revealing photos.

            + Really short email ("Are you still available?"), rude language...

            + Keep asking too many questions and stuffs.


If you encounter a time-waster once in a while, please report it to (By clicking on "Report an Incident!"). Registration for is FREE, so please join us and fight back. His information will be included in our blacklist, preventing him from doing so with other girls. Don`t see a client if you feel that something is not right about him.


Here are some important articles that you should read to understand more about the screening process.





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