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Here are a few benefits of joining VerifyHim:


Free Unlimited Access to VerifyHim`s blacklist database (over 200,000 records)




Use VerifyHim`s powerful search engine to verify a potential date. Please see the video below for what the search engine can do


Use VerifyHim`s QikCheck to receive critical alerts (i.e. active dangerous threats, scammers...) in your area through your phone.



Run our People Tracing tool - An extreme tracing tool that can reveal past and current contact infos of a person



Phone Tracing is an extreme phone tracing tool offered by VerifyHim. This tool will also rate the risk associated with a phone number as either: LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH



"Review A Guy" is a tool you use to do a super quick review of a guy (or whitelist him) and share it privately. We have over 5,000+ reports and are added more everyday
by our large community.



And networking with over 15,000 verified adult entertainers!


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Information and Resources

Safety Tips for Dancers When Leaving The Club

Safety Tips for Dancers When Leaving The Club

Criminals are looking for any opportuties to make a quick buck and strippers are an easy target....Read More!

How to not become a victim on a new date

Tips to stay safe on a new date

How to not become a victim on a new date...Read More!

Weird Sites

Interesting/Controversy Sites....

Reviews of interesting/controversy sites in the sex worker industry.... Read More!

Welcome to is a social network of sugar babes, strippers and erotic service providers helping each other to stay safe. It's a dangerous world out there. Join Now! to avoid rapists, stalkers and fake sugar daddies.

If you have information about a potential trafficking situation, please call 1-888-373-7888.