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VerifyHim Guide to Data Security

May 24, 2015 by The Boss   Comments (13)

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Recently, many VH members have asked me about the issue of data security at VerifyHim. The topic is how to make sure your data safe. This is a good discussion to have.


Having built systems for online casinos, payment gateways and as a former speaker at Hack In The Box conference, I care deeply about the issue of data security.


If you have questions or tips, please post below so we can both learn and share from each other.


All our data is fully encrypted


VerifyHim use a state-of-the-art encryption storage. The database is stored in an encryption filesystem by using Dm-crypt ( No data stored on the encrypted volume can be read without the correct encryption key.


Even in the case that somebody stole our server`s hard-drive - until decrypted, the entire database files appears to be nothing more than a series of random bytes.


Minimal Logging


We don`t log everything all the activities in VerifyHim. However to improve your search experiences, we do some hash logging.


A hash is a cryptographic function. It takes an arbitrary piece of data, like an email address, and converts it to a long hexadecimal string. Every time you run the same piece of data through the hashing algorithm you get the same result. This is the same way banks stored your online password without storing the actual password in clear-text. Doing this we are able to enhance our services while ensure all the data is safe.


Blacklist tracking


To prevent leak and abusive usage of our blacklist database, we put a limit on how many times each user can search the database. There is also a tracking mechanism to track who viewed what incident and when. The idea behind this tracking method is whenever there is a report of a leak, we will be able to shutdown a breaking-bad member right away.


Is “HTTPS” safe?


The answer is NO! NO! NO!. The idea behind using HTTPS with a ssl certificate is to prevent an organization to sniff your data while it was transmitted over the wire. However the technology is so broken that while it is reasonably safe against a hacker on your local network, it is completely useless against a government entity.


I have personally seen law enforcement in Singapore used a device made by Onpath Technologies hooking up to an ISP to inspect a suspect`s live SSL traffic (data showing including bank access, etc.). There is a big market for companies selling SSL-awareness eavesdropping devices to law enforcements in the world.


This news was way before the whole NSA scandal but nobody really paid attention to it back then:


These devices are no long expensive as in 2014-2015. For 40-50K a piece, an agency can buy these toys and start spying on you whenever they want.


HTTPS/SSL won`t protect you from government snooping. VerifyHim has a https link but we don`t promote it because we don`t want to provide a false sense of safety from snooping. Pretend to be safe is not what we want to do. However, you can still secure your internet traffic by making it harder to crack by using VPN (faster but cost some $) or TOR (free but slow).


There are not yet any cheap plug-and-play device that can decrypt VPN or TOR traffic. It will takes a lot of resources and planning for someone to crack them. If you are no terrorist or not saying shit about Chinese government while living in China, you should be fine.


Also according to the leaks by Edward Snowden, only the NSA has the capabilities to crack VPN and only if when the VPN was set up to use a weaker form of encryptions (MS-CHAP or PPTP). Since the leak was published, VPN services now use the stronger form of encryption by default (L2TP or SSTP). A plus benefit is VPN or TOR will encrypt your entire traffic, not just web traffic, and redirect so it doesn`t looks like the traffic is from you.


Why VH is indexed by Google?


Once in a while, I got a message from a panic user telling me everything she posted in VH is indexed by Google. After looking into it, 100% of the time it is a false alarm.


Everything you posted in VH, including blog posts, can only be seen by “logged-in users.” What is being indexed by google is a blank page with a profile name on it and nothing else. However, if the member is already logged into VH while searching Google, she will see everything as expected since she is logged in.


I want Google to indexed our profile pages and public blog posts to show that we have a large community supporting this site. In the world of hyping marketing, we want to authentically show a girl, who is looking a tool to stay safe, an opportunity to read some of our public discussions and understand we are just like her - and we share her issues.


I heard VH getting attacked almost daily?


Yes,we do. There are a lot of guys who really hate VH. They want us to remove reports or shutdown. I even received hate mails in different forms. Many of you might share similar experiences as well.


In our case,what happened is these guys pay underground Denial-of-service service to send junk traffic to Verifyhim. During the past 2 years, we have to upgrade our server 3 times in order to battle it.


Imagine that the internet, is like a road system, where the cars are packets of information that go to and from. Certain roads have a limit to the amount of cars, or packets, that can go down them. The purpose of sending massive junk traffic is to shut down the roads to begin with and to shut everyone out from using VerifyHim. While our server is safe, nobody can access it during the attack. It is quite nasty.


To solve this issue, you have to throw money at it (buy more powerful server, getting a good load balancer, utilizing cloud etc). VH is not crazily profitable like many would think so we tend to upgrade our servers in an incremental fashion. We are getting much better dealing with DOS now than before.



The last words


After running VH for the good 4 years as an outsider, I learn a lot from our members and this business. I genuinely believe the majority people in our industry are really awesome. We all come to VerifyHim to learn, share and to stay safe.


I also recognize the problem with this industry is lack of trust and hysteria. The small numbers of us who are either causing dramas for financial gains or due to strong personal convictions seems to miss the big picture. There is also bad habit of business providers in this space trashing each other. It is really sad sometimes. Our industry needs MORE - not less - tools to keep us safe.


I am just a part of this VerifyHim. Our communty is not perfect, but as long as we strive to improve instead of giving up – I promise to keep improve this site so we all can have a community to call our own. So please share with me thoughts and your questions. We are here to learn and help – so don`t hesitate let me know what you have in mind.


New Updates on VerifyHim search engine (Sep 26 2013)

September 27, 2013 by The Boss   Comments (8)

Here are the recent updates on VerifyHim search engine:

+ Add Google searches for email address
+ Experimental Feature: Data mining for email/handles based on reviews
+ Extend Sex Offender search databases (with more results)
+ Fix Google search engine display. Now links are click able and new window/tab popping up.
+ Fix Facebook Timeout issue due to FB new privacy policy
+ Minor fixes on the theme

Note: Just like before, if you see any bugs or anything odd, please let me know. Thank you.

How much money does a Stripper make?

February 26, 2012 by The Boss   Comments (0)

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Everyone always want to know why we dance? Well I'd say it's for the fun of it, but that would be a lie. Dancing for disgusting, old men that are often fat and sometimes smelly is not my idea of fun. On an occasion you get the chance to dance for a hot, young guy but they generally are a**holes and don't have the cash we are really looking for so for the most part I'd say it's the first scenario. The old, fat guy who's eyeing you like a piece of meat, he's got the cash you want.

So why do we do it.... FOR THE MONEY $$$

I get asked all the time, "How much money do strippers make?" Well, it varies from a good night to a bad night, but suppose a stripper only averages $200/shift and she works 4x a week. That is $800/week or $40k per year. If she works 5x a week that is $1000/week or $50k per year. When I first posted this article in the fall of 2007, most of the strippers I knew were averaging $500/shift, working 4 shifts a week, which translated to a 6 figure business.

Some strippers are still making that kind of money (the ones who have taken a stripper sales training course certainly are!) However most of the exotic dancer I know have taken a 20% or more hit to their profits due to the slowing economy.

I also like to keep a journal of what I make each night, each month and each year. I try to do some kind of comparison each year to what I am making and what was going on that week and month to know what to do in the future. It has worked quite well for me doing this, but as all of us dancers know, every night is different and all it takes is one guy to make the night for us. Some girls would say luck is a huge part of what we make, but I think it has more to do with scoping the crowd out and looking to see where the most potential lies for the night. In other words, who looks like they have the most money and also who looks like they will spend it. Also getting in good with the waitresses helps too. They usually know where the money is.

Your Game Plan to Get a Sugardaddy (vs being an escort)

February 24, 2012 by The Boss   Comments (1)

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Your Game Plan to Get a Sugardaddy (SD)

Quality over Quantity approach: I'd be sure to see check his age and correlate it with his annual income and net worth. I'm good at math you see but I major in biology. So I googled the salaries of the best common profession and came with a criteria I like. He has to be aged 42+, as they are capable of earning an income of more than 1 million, assuming he saves half of a million with, he'll have a net worth of 5-10million.

I came across one aged only 43 earns 100k-200k and says he has a net worth of 5-10million. Think it's BS, unless he is talking about fixed assets in his business. In my opinion, the higher the sugar daddy aim, the more confident & comfortable he is with money. xx

First impressions: I'd expect the SD to be highly communicative in his profile description = A long and informative outline. For example, one who can understand to a certain extent what SBs go through when signing up for this. His profile should mention along the lines of empathy and perspective. He should sound like a direct person who knows what he wants and can give, who isn't too shy about it.

Second of all, I would avoid too many letter "I"s in the sentence. "I need" "I want". Someone who dares to use words like - future, happy and together. Words of commitment!

Meeting SD: He should be calm and keep a comfortable distance from you. If he touches your thighs midway and seem too touchy feely in the first half hour.. RED ALERT. He must be very socially inapt or have a very low EQ or in most cases, a big ego. This could mean he isn't as smart in his profession as he says he is or! He is going to treat you like a sex object.

Lastly, to be an SB, I think communication is key.. If I want to meet an SD, I'd polish up my communication skills and GUTS beforehand. Prep yourself before entering the deep end.

You girls must have guts and be direct when discussing about money.. Do not beat around the bush when the topic is brought up. I would give 2 hours for this $$ talk to surface. If it isn't brought up, I would say things like "So how about we exchange ideas on what we want and can give out of this arrangement, for e.g time and money?" Or.. "So how do you propose we start this arrangement that is mutually beneficial" I'd start first, I'll lay out my schedule and tell him how many times I can be certain to meet him and then I will ask him for his budget! If he says to start at a unreasonably low amount first... then move on he isn't worth it.. He should be direct and if he is confident about you after 2 hours, he will be able to give a proper budget!

How confident SD is with you is important.. It'd be so sad if he is the insecure type. So try to avoid men like that! My budget will be 5000 pounds in my mind. That's my plan. And if his budget is crappy, say less than 1000 pounds of my budget, I will move on.

To sleep or not to sleep. By the first hour, you should be able to tell if he is for real......his accessories, google his name, business card, charm. I would suggest not to sleep with the SD on the first date even if you like him a lot. Cos I know I would be very tempted to if I already like him through my mails.. so! I'd make it clear to him I like him a lot. But If he asks to go to his hotel. RED ALERT. Disrespect! A man of age and importance will wait for another date instead of rushing to seal the deal.

If he is who he says he is, he will give you cab money or pay for your air ticket home. I think I would suggest to go to a bar if I travel far away and send me back to my hotel (a hotel which he'd have to arrange for beforehand). He could kiss me if the date goes well in my room but when it comes to sex, I'd put a stop and say we should wait and get to know each other further. Play hard to get!

If I'm in it I'm in it. I will take the gamble of knowing I might not get anything in the end (Like any gf-bf relationship) but of course I will take all the precautions before I enter. I will have a friend on speed dial. I'd have googled his name or see that he possesses a highly successful job and most importantly, charm. I will not do this if I didn't genuinely like the man. Cos this is what separates SBs from p4p escorts. I have been an escort once, I know.

My own definition of an SB:

    SB is willing to absorb the risk of not getting the money monthly.
    SBs won't have sex with a man she doesn't have feelings for.
    SBs will only have sex with a man she has feelings for.
    SBs will not do what she does not want to do.
    SBs will have to learn how to say "NO" to SDs
    SBs must not become complacent and lose focus of her life goals.
    SBs must learn as much from SDs to make full use of his expertise and wisdom.

All in all, If I compare escorting and being a sugar terms of effort & risks(aka money):

Sugar babies need to put in more effort, bare more risks and burden, if her objective is money and urgency. It's like a contract on a job you're signing up for! If you hate the job, why sign up? Being with an SD is super different from escorting. It's the unpredictability of it. I presume there must be a number of SBs who were cheated of their bodies for the promise of receiving their monthly "settlement"!

But it will be gratifying and rewarding for the effort if you choose the right SD to build your life with.

Escorting is more straightforward, no burden and requires less effort but you're basically a toy to be played with and neglected after. It's not for everyone.

Gingerlocks66 asked me to post this...

January 15, 2012 by The Boss   Comments (5)

"Thanks for protecting the ladies with this great site.You're a life saver and the girls have a place to come to for comfort! THANK YOU! Hugs to you all and tell all the ladies I will miss them,thanks for the laughs,support and I send them much love,happiness,and angels of protection for them always and forever!! Don't ever give up on your dreams ladies!" - Gingerlocks66

She also asked me to disable her account. She quits for good. Good bye and good luck, Ginger.

A few updates for VerifyHim....

October 6, 2011 by The Boss   Comments (0)

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In order to serve our members better, Verifyhim just has a few updates:

+ SmartForm timed out issue is fixed. There is a spike of of users using SmartForm lately that causing the timed out error message. It is fixed now.

+ Blacklist photo feature is now working. When you click to view a detail of an incident, if there is any photos associated with the incident, the photo will be displayed.

+ The profile page now works similar to Facebook. You can view your own activities or of a member by going her profile page. You can setup your profile privacy as well.

+ Couple fixes for the Smart Reference system.


If you found any bugs while using VerifyHim. Please let me know right away.

Small updates for September

September 29, 2011 by The Boss   Comments (0)

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I just added some small updates today:


+ Fix the blacklist phone format. Thanks Amber for pointing out the bug.
+ Add membership checking for sowet and montanaboad.


If you see anything odds while using the site, please let me know so I can fix it. Thank you.


New Updates for September 2011:

September 13, 2011 by The Boss   Comments (0)

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Here are some of the recent updates, please let me know if you guys see any bugs while using VerifyHim:


  • SmartForm client screening form now supports Redbook and Eccie
  • Fix a bug on SmartForm that user with slow computer will be timed out
  • Add support for TopHatReviews in the client membership checking.
  • Fix a lot of small bugs.
  • Improve the blacklist browsing.


We will roll out a client review feature and client management within the next one or two months. We may need some testers to test our system first. If you are intested in helping VerifyHim, please contact me or email Thank ya all for trusting and using VerifyHim.  Stay safe!


Want to write something for our upcoming newsletter?

August 29, 2011 by The Boss   Comments (2)

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Hi all,


We're looking for good content to be included in our next newsletter. The newsletter will be sent to all 1500+ members of VerifyHim.


If you have any fresh content about escort screening and safety, please send it my way.  Let's share your experiences and stories with fellow girlfriends.


You can send your writing directly to me at

Interesting Sites....

August 19, 2011 by The Boss   Comments (4)

Here are some sites that you guys might found it "interesting" :

+ : It has blacklist info in blogging style and available to search engine like Google. I don't know who own it (do you?), but it's interesting to know that there are many blacklist sites popping out of nowhere recently.

+ A guy is offering a service to remove records in escort blacklist sites and forums. Wooa!

+ A site that allows anybody to post "dirts" on anyone. Well, i saw a few familiar faces on there. Be careful with whom you gave your info to.

+ Just got a SMS message from this site - saying that they can help guys to get their record off blacklisted sites.

+ A forum about trafficking victims. There are some heart-breaking stories told by real victims.

Take care. And Stay safe!


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