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How to spot a Sugar Daddy

A few easy pointers to get yourself a sugar daddy. easy to follow and its all based on my personal experiences.


Overview your choice so you know you're not going down a dead path. If he is dressed nicely that is a good indication that he has money. Now if he is wearing a nice dress shirt he got from a department store he is harder to train then a man wearing say Gucci. (doesn't have to be Gucci but if he looks EXPENSIVE it's a better indicator of money.Seriously, men usually don't pay attention to labels unless they are gay or stacked.) Either way, it's easier to coax money out of a richer man.


You also need to position yourself into what the majority of sugardaddy/sugarmamas are searching for. Are you younger (twenties)? Are you reasonably physically and facially attractive? Do you enjoy sex (not always with your type)? Can you provide a 'girlfriend experience' to someone you have a friendship with, but no romantic feelings for?


You should also be able to provide an intellectual stimulus. Blabbing about reality TV and gossip rags does not cut it. Read and discuss books, learn about politics or certain historical periods. Listen to classical music, and attempt to pick out certain composers that you enjoy. Go to museums and take in the varying art periods, particular artists. Brush up somewhat on sports, so at the least you don't appear to be tremendously bored if he discusses them.


Having a career where more sugardaddys/mamas are to more easier found is essential ,such as being a stripper, model or other career where you can come into contact with more affluent people.


Try to figure out his personality. Now what is his personality like? Is he laid back? Does he work a lot? Does he seem like the romantic type? You need to find a man that is more of a loner due to him working so hard when he was younger. Someone who likes to have a good time but also is old enough to have the experience. Also older men are less likely to be players besides, the point of having a sugar daddy is to get the most expensive gifts.


Make him feel like he matters. If you have picked out the man then you must make him feel like he never has before. Not including sexual acts, you must treat him like a king but act like it comes natural, (if a man acts like he wants to treat you like queen it feels more fulfilling than if he does it because he knows he should) and do sweet little things for him. Cater to him but do not make it obvious. the subconscious mind is easier to sway. IF YOU GET CLINGY HE WILL PULL AWAY. Make him think about you when you leave. he will want to spoil you if you make him feel like a king.


Remember manners and courtesy. VERY IMPORTANT When he buys you anything (dinner, flowers, clothes, even something small at 7-11) Smile very sweetly and say thank you. DO NOT BE A UNGRATEFUL BITCH. Everyman wants to feel appreciated ALL THE TIME. Don't chronically swear. Use good table manners.


Know what you're getting yourself into ladies. It's fun but it can get messy if you don't protect yourselves.

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One thing many girls can't do.. 

Sheri XO 2271 days ago

Love this I am looking currently  :)

anonobserver 2267 days ago

i was so lucky to land into sugar daddies almost exclusively for a long time ~ business travelers and word of mouth. it is very nice and all these tips are extremely important. i found that graceful sexy was much more effective than 'a lot' of cleavage. intellectual stimulation yet do not be smarter than him ! be 'nearly' as smart. and funny. and relaxed.

zani 2231 days ago

Good.. I'm looking for one myself!! Wish me luck..

soseductivechloe 2065 days ago

i found my own sugar dad on fling!

sweetvero 1898 days ago

me to

YOLO 1857 days ago

There is a man in my professional life currently who I'd like to upgrade to Sugardaddy status. He is a client with me exclusively (he says) (has said so more than once although I never asked) and I know he is getting emotionally attached. The problem now is how do I get more money out of him on a regular basis. He already has been a very good regular client for just over a year, sees me every week without fail, and has said he would like to see me "more often," but he's not coming up with any more money. He is not hugely wealthy but he could afford more than he's giving me.

How do I get him to move in that direction? Do I just wait for him to get an FBI clue, or can I hint around, or what? I don't want to lose him as a client, he is super good.

z 1820 days ago

Has any one try any sugar daddies sites..?

Stephanie 1167 days ago


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