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How to not become a victim on a new date

(Or How Not To Become Another Long Island Victim)

*Before getting out of your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings.  Especially if the property is heavily wooded where a guy can hide behind bushes or trees and jump out at you. I would guess that he is drugging and abducting ladies and taking them to another area to kill them unless he has a large secluded property or a basement..  The article said the bodies had been mutilated and from what I have read of true life books on serial killers, they do not kill their victims when they are drugged, but rather when they are awake. 

*Be aware of all possible exits as you move through the house.  This includes windows.  If he goes to deadbolt the door, and it requires a key, stop him from doing so and leave.  Be prepared to smash out a window if necessary to do so.

*Do not follow a client into their basement.  Be aware if he is taking you to a potentially unsafe area during "the tour."  Basements provide a soundproof area for them to hurt you and it is easier to clean up the mess.  Basements generally have floor drains.  Especially unfinished ones.

*Do not meet a new guy at their home unless you have solid references for them from ladies you know who have also been to their home.  Why?  Because there is a HUGE difference in the level of danger to a girl who saw someone at their hotel incall or his hotel outcall and someone who is at a guy's home.  Remember there are men who are bad and have solid references.  Why?  Because they know they need them.  So they book with one or two ladies and behave themselves so the lady will vouch for them.  There may be exceptions with well-known and respected hobbyists, but beware of new guys. 

*Bring pepper spray, but be aware that it may be  bad to use it outside if its windy.  If you know someone who can get you the foam spray, its easier to use and less likely to be blown into your face by shifting winds. Buy police grade pepper spray at the police department or online.  It is much better than the average.  You can buy the keychain can, a little one that is a ink pen but you take the cap off and it's the pepper spray, one that has a visor clip for your car, there is also one that looks like a pager that you can clip on your pants and don't even need to unclip it to get a good spray.

* Your keys are a weapon. Put your key chain in your palm interlacing your keys between your fingers.  It is best to have all keys facing the same direction and downwards.  They can be used as brass knuckles or to scrape an assailants face. My father was a blackbelt in Jujitso and showed me this one as a young woman. Basic self defense courses are also good.

*The heel of your hand, punched into his nose in an upward thrust, may kill your attacker.  Again, this is a last resort.  However it shoves the ethmoid bone into the brain if done with sufficient force.

* Turn down wine from opened bottle.  If the bottle is sealed, and he is about to pour, grab your glass and pretend to see a spot as an excuse to thoroughly wash it.  This precludes a small amount of clear liquid being in the glass going unnoticed before pouring.  Then play the wine snob and let him drink first as you move the wine around in your glass and notice its color and bouquet and wait for him to drink first.

*When arriving, be ON THE TELEPHONE with your safecall.  This keeps him from stopping you from making that call and being able to deny your arrival. Make sure your guy hears you confirming that you have arrived atstreet address being sure to say this on the phone.  If he asks about that call, you are calling your assistant to let her know that you are there.   If he asks, tell him its your safety procedure when meeting new guys at a private residence.  Stay on the phone with your safecall until you see his identification (photo I.D.) and this is a good time to say "I'm here with John Smith and everything checks out.  I will call you back at xxxx as the appointment is for xxxx hours and will meet you at xxx as we planned.". This way he knows that someone is expecting you at such and such time so having you call and say you are on your way home is not your final checkin. 

Nothing is fool proof.  A past date of mine who is a personal bodyguard/security in the private sector once told me that a decent guy will appreciate that you are doing what is necessary to protect yourself.  Someone with questionable intentions will cut the visit short.

Place your final checkout call beginning in his home and stay on the phone till you are safely away from his property.  Be careful when you leave an appointment and always lock your door immediately before checking your phone, starting the car, adjusting the heat or radio.  Leave promptly.

Don't be afraid to leave if something does not feel right.  If you arrive at a place that looks like it should be condemned, keep your doors locked and leave.  If you suspect that there are more than one person waiting (hear voices or see someone peeking out the window when the guy is by the door), just go.

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Last updated 2275 days ago by young

wow great tips girly, thanks so much!

Elegant Eva 2275 days ago

Awsome! thanks for the tips.

Sheri XO 2271 days ago

Awsome! thanks for the tips.

Sheri XO 2271 days ago

Thank you for the great information!

GirlfriendOnCall 2224 days ago

Thanks very much for the very important information.

PuraVida 2212 days ago

WOW! Scary to think about this happening, but we all know it unfortunate..Thank you for reminding us it can! Great Tips!!! Have a safe and fun day everybody!!

chenninxxx 2206 days ago

That was amazing advice and me a veteran of 11yrs got a number of amazing tips. Thank you.

CLSexxyRed 2202 days ago

Thanks so much, I think we all know most of this stuff but we let ppl make us think we are being a bit paranoid, instead of the reality that we are being aware & responsible, especially when he seems so nice & personable, just like an old friend (and that's how they get us to let our guard down).
I've printed a copy of this & leave it in my "trip bag" so that everytime I open my bag to pack I see it & remind myself that my life is tooo valueable to not be cautious about my safety at all times.

Mirdy 2084 days ago

good and very important safety info thank you

Alecia 2018 days ago

I agree with Mirdy, This is great advice. But, clients do TRY to make ME feel like I'm paranoid, on crack, etc because I am SO VERY careful. also, some clients do appreciate the fact that i do my "homework"... I'm surprised at how many clients don't even know what 'being verified or screened' means! I understand that every client has a first time...but, I prefer to avoid them or ask multiple questions to see their reaction.... follow your gut...always

Ashleypse 1991 days ago

what???? I would NEVER ask a man for his ID then tell someone over the phone his FULL name??? that is a privacy thing for most men and they will never see you again.... how do they knowthat you arent talking to a cop on the other end??? I gotta be honest and say that some of these tips are good..... but others.... not so much.

Dakota123 1931 days ago

Thank you for important information!

claire 1859 days ago

thank you for everything you do in helping keep us ladies safe.

marlene 1743 days ago

I do appreciate the tips, but I do agree with Dakota123. Some clients are very discreet and do not want there personal information floating around in our sector. Some of my regulars will not post a review, just for there privacy protection.

DiamondGFE 1727 days ago

Learned a lot of valuable info. Checking Id can be done discreetly without repeating the customers name over the phone. Leaving a not on the kitchen counter, dining table, or even a trusted provider, one whom there has been NO drama, ever, in the past.

ArkansasHoney 1716 days ago

Excellent article. I'll be sharing it on my private ladies forum.

GypsyMistress 1668 days ago

Great tips. I hadn't considered some of these situations as potential threats.

Charlotte Royce 1655 days ago

To all the ladies out there I am a provider myself, If a guy named Jeff Atha e-mails you, his real name is Joe Atha don`t see him. I asked him to call me several times and he would not do it. Beware he gave me a bogus phone number. I tried to call him back and it`s been disconnected.

Thank you,

hayley 1524 days ago

Yassssss I am my own Team and I come from the wish a mutha woods...I am always on point thanks to God and being from a prayerful family. Im grateful for this info because together have to protect yourself.

MissTaylorJ 1301 days ago

Great advice ad alot of things i never thought of.. Im buying pepper spray today lol

Nicole44 1271 days ago

Thanks! I will definitely keep these tips in mind.

WillowLove 1224 days ago

Yikes, sounds like a bad movie! I prefer to screen carefully, confirming references before meeting, and only meet in better hotels.  I`ve never had a real problem date. My only bitch is guys who think a ton of emails is ok.  I try to nip it in the bud with direct comments like "please see website for reference requirements" and "please request specific date and time you would like".  If they request additional photos, I am clear that my website has all that are currently available. 

Better safe than sorry. xox K

Playful 1168 days ago

I`ll keep those in mind and even a few things I didn`t think of which is great:)


Very helpful thank you.

ExoticKatarinaOfLdn 1116 days ago


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