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Don`t know where to advertise your service online?

Advertising is very important in for your business. However, there are tons and tons of  sites out there. It is quite easy to get lost and waste your money. This resource section is contributed by our members (especially thanks to princesspuss) to assist you in planning your adversting plan. This is not a complete list and it will get updated frequently.

We also need your help in maintaining this list. If you know a  site that has given good results for your ad, please let us know at so we can update the list.


~~~~~~United States~~~~~~~
Nationwide Free Advertising Venues:










~Arizona: (ABQ/Info and Blacklist) 





~California: (San Diego)





~Connecticut: (New England Board)


~D.C./District of Columbia:






































TER New England Board





























~New England Areas:



~New Hampshire:


(via "New England Board")


~New Jersey:



~New Mexico:



~New York:



~North Carolina:



~North Dakota:
















~Rhode Island:


("New England Board")


~South Carolina:



~South Dakota:





(^East TN/Knoxville/Chattanooga)










("New England Board") 






~Washington (State):



~West Virginia:






Working in the UK Need to Know:
Girls Only Site (VH in UK) (UK Buddy System/UK Laws/Other)
(^Hong Kong/London/Asia/Middle East/USA) (worldwide review/advert)

~Canada~ (screening/blacklist) (Canadian) (Montreal) (Montreal) (Western Canada) (BC/Vancouver/Alberta/Manitoba)


~~ Sex Work Resources ~~

Report Suspected Trafficking

~Blogs-Informative-Funny Stuff~

USA Fed & State Laws:

~Short Term Rentals:

~Neeed Help-Resources~ (legal help)

~Website Builder: (free)


Daddy’s M4M:

~Sugar Daddy~


~Dancer/Strip: (provider only discussion forum)

Last updated 852 days ago by The Boss

I posted it again because it was just updated. @tcny: Please email me if you want to add or update the list. We need your feedbacks to make it up-to-date.

The Boss 1507 days ago

@tcny I`m the person whom initially made the list and have updated the list. Some/Many sites were deleted, some new sites were added and sites that grew/expanded into other areas were added to those locations. If yupu know of any additions/updates/etc, feel free to contribute...we`d ;love ypur positive input.

PrincessPuss 1457 days ago



RileyDaniels 1395 days ago now has a national ad upgrade that puts you in all the cities on their site

Donia_Christine 1132 days ago

Texas needs to be updated.

michellebanks 1105 days ago

Montana board hasn`t existed since 2012. MT uses but beware the hobbiests. I  prefer bp guys.

On a side note if anyone travels through MT, we are full of info on the hotels and gents. 

Rene.Violet 856 days ago

Very helpful Thank you!


Kenya Jones 678 days ago

Out dated...need the lin to the new list

VIPNinaSweet 298 days ago in Oklahoma is for sale. It’s seems eccie works great for Oklahoma area.

Carmen Ryder 130 days ago


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