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NEW totally custom coded Web Design Company

The web company website is www(dot) stray (dot) design

 I typed it out that way because It is mainly a company for mainstream civie businesses but his original business as some of you will remember was Pulsar  Adult which I took over and turned into 


He is currently working on a ladies site and I am with him daily and all ideas are run through me as well and I give critiques on color schemes etc. BUT these sites will be very upscale, very custom and because they are straight code, NOT wordpress, squarespace etc the pricing is HIGHER.

The cost of his work will be 600 up to 1500

One lucky lady is getting her site built for free and her site will be the example site for the adult side of his business but the portfolio for his adult creations will be added to again to keep his vanilla clients from distancing themselves.


For those of you NOT wanting to spend that much on sites I AM STILL AVAILABLE AND HAVE MANY EXAMPLES OF MY WEB DESIGN ON MY ABOVE  MENTIONED SITE. I will have a new example on Friday when I release a ladies site I am currently building.


MY prices are 200 up to 600.

I use, wordpress, squarespace, wix and any other platform that youd prefer. 

I will admit I prefer wordpress ( NOT THE BLOG SITE AND ONLY WHEN HOSTED OUTSIDE OF WORDPRESS) because Yoast SEO Is awesome and also because when using Elementor or Beaver Pagebuilder you can almost totally wipe out the original template and customize it to holy hell. Then when combined w CSS coding tricks etc you can create some awesome stuff.

Squarespace is a great option for ladies who want to keep it a little simpler if they plan on doing all the updates themselves. I do offer updates for a monthly fee as well.


Look forward to helping you all.

Feel free to contact me 


** I am also still providing screening and ad management assisting services as well as content writing and ad copy****







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Watch some of you videos last night :)

ScarlettH 182 days ago

Thank you , I hope you found some of them helpful :)

seductivestorm 182 days ago

I watched some too and love the blue mermaid hair btw!

YesYas 182 days ago

Thank you , my lighting here is weird, its actually purple.. lol. I love purple :)

seductivestorm 182 days ago

Hey guys , I have been a busy bee! Happily so, Taken By Storm has really hit it`s stride. I thank you all!! 

I wanted .. again to invite you to hire myself Taken By Storm

I also have my other services #SEO, #BOOKING ASSISTANT, Listed on the Taken by Storm Site.

Or my business partner Stray Media (custom coded, true high end sites)

I advise all projects through that company as well.

IF you have any "vanilla" industry website needs I have a company for that as well

Don`t be shy, feel free to contact me. I do however ask that you be serious and ready to move forward when you contact me.

There are contact forms for your questions on all the sites as well.

Hope to work for you soon!!!!!


seductivestorm 37 days ago


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