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Assisting, Web Design, and More for Escorts Affordable Rates

Hello ladies! I hope everyone is doing well! FIRST thank you soooo much to those of you who over the last year or two have shown me so much support and let me work for you. I love you and it`s not forgotten.

Originally I partnered w my boyfriend within his web design company and we worked more as a team. He still assists and he still does any sites that are from the ground up total coded sites. BUT he has let his business Pulsar Adult go to focus on his College Degree in Chemistry He had put his degree on hold for a while and is now back to his goals.. so I am ALSO on my goals which is building my business to prepare for my retirement in Jan 2018 at which time I will be going to college for a degree in Photography .. already applied etc.

On to the subject, It`s no secret I am here for you all as support, mentor etc. I have however relaunched my own company TAKEN BY STORM  and I invite you all to take the time to go check out my new business site ( much prettier and colorful on laptops ) and then contact me and let me work for you!


My two platform specialties are Wordpress and Squarespace but on the web design section of my new site you will find a complete list!


Tried, Trusted, True, Hands on and Loyal friend to all sexworkers  ( lol well of course so long as they are respectful and kind towards me, my momma didnt raise no fool lol)


Don`t hesitate to reach out!




Taken By Storm




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