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I pretyped this post because I wanted to think it through and come from a pleasant place. Verify Him is supposed to be a place where we support each other but it`s amazing how many ladies don`t or won`t post here because of so many of the unkind and abrasive comments from others.I myself have caught some of it a few times. The difference is I have relatively tough skin and I will hand it right back. I just always try to do it in a manner where even though you get my point I am respectful.

The point of this post is to announce my new business venture. Well more like the combination of a few things I had already been doing. For anyone who feels the need to come from a negative place feel free to again read ( recap from last summer lol ) 

My new business venture is one about 5 of the ladies here on VH have already used me for in one way or another. Its my consulting,webdesign and photography business.

Its called Taken by Storm a play on words of the affordable mid priced photography options I will be offering to local ladies in Atlanta. And if anyone else is coming to Atlanta and would like me to help them I`d be happy to. As for all the other services it doesn`t matter what state or country you are in. I can do it for you , no problem!!

So hopefully This venture of mine towards my future is met with praise and congratulations instead of ugly words of disdain. But hey I`m going to keep on moving forward and striving for happiness, joy and prosperity regardless.

I am purchasing a custom domain name for it later this week. But for now heres a sneak peak.

Thanks and Happy Labor Day!

Have a Great Week Everyone.





Last updated 562 days ago by seductivestorm

Congratulations! You have always been a positive presence here. I am happy for you and wish you the best with this new venture.

A 562 days ago

Im super happy for you! You`ve been nothing but supporive and positive on here and Twitter!  You go girl!

EroticEvaDamita 561 days ago

Thank you Eva! And thank the other ladies. :)

seductivestorm 561 days ago

Happy Labor Day!! I hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

TheTravelLady 561 days ago

Same to you Travel and all of you!

seductivestorm 561 days ago



Thank you for being on twitter, thank you for helping me with my site, thank you for teaching me about SCREENING and helping me get on these sites. OMG THANK YOU!!!!! You have been amazing. You have been such  wonderful help and such a ROCK during my moments of self doubt. 


I truely value your friendship and I hope to be able to buy you a few drinks IRL someday. 


Thank you so MUCH!!!!

kitkat 517 days ago

GOOD FOR YOU! Negativity has no place when positivity is present. I also am a freelance photographer in Nashville TN. I believe that all people are beautiful in their own way. I love the fact that as photographer(s), we are priveleged to capture it. I will refer you to ladies I know in Atlanta and I will be posting my new website for my photography as well, very soon. If you need anything give me a shout! We arent very far apart! Onward and upward!

Lola Grey 506 days ago

My work process, so that everyone understands what I do on each web design project. I want you as the customer to be at ease, I also want to be able to complete my task as stress free as possible. So please read and then get ready to let me work my magic!

I wanted to explain my working process as a web designer I think it is important that many of you , who may not have used a web design person understand how the process usually works, ( atleast for other web designers I know and deal with and for myself)

I like to have the following things assembled to begin a  design , and honestly it is how most companions I know  send things to me, so for the most part I believe the thought process is the same.

PHOTOS , now let me explain why, photos play a very integral part in most design layouts, especially parallax sites or sites with big headers.

It is important that I have the photos , or that we have old photos atleast to plug in until you get new ones so that I can decide on the theme, feel, look , design of your site.  

I am sure some ladies may find me to be hard edged about that, but I am  an artist by nature, drawing, colors, art have always been a large part of my life and it is genuinely how I think , how I create, how I design.  Designing a website without any idea of the images that will then later be sent to me , is similar to designing a building without a blueprint in my brain.

This is why most ladies who hire me to get a site, wait until they have the photos they want used OR they have older photos that they have me use to begin a project and then we switch them out at a later date. BUT again I WANT to be sure EVERYONE understands building a site takes time, energy, dedication. I am a perfectionist, I am professional and if after I create a site and it is completed and you then give me pics that cannot work with the theme or template used and I have to reconstruct an entire site. you WILL incur an extra fee.   

( this is not the same as getting new pics after a site is completed and then wanting me to switch pics out, as long as it does not require changing the theme or template due to  pics, the first 45 days after a sites construction, all changes to text and images are free *only within the first 45 days*)

So I just want everyone to be mindful of this.

If you have prepaid a deposit do not worry I AM GOING TO DO YOUR ASSIGNMENT, every last girl who has paid me and even those in the past WHO DIDN`T PAY AT THE START(NO LONGER ALLOWED) got their work delivered as promised. Again I am professional and I love what I do!

If you pay me to do a job, you need to trust me to do it.

I work better privately on a site ( unless you are experienced at web design and we agree in the beginning of project that we will work together on your site, which is not usually who I am approached by)  but, if you no nothing about web design and you hire me to work for you to do a project for you , please trust my expertise.

I know what I am doing and have done it a long time.   Each ladies site I have created thus far has been their vision and idea , or atleast their color scheme and idea of what they wanted. I am very good at taking direction and turning it into something beautiful.

I prefer to keep clients OUT OF THE ACCOUNT or SITE until 2 days before the release of the project. You cannot see my thoughts or understand them usually even if i draw them and send to you, it is not as easy to see how a site flows or the true vision till we are almost near completion. TWO days prior to a project being completed, I open it up so you can see it, write down any changes you want made, and I then go in and finish it off with any changes the customer requests.

It is very difficult to complete my job when a customer who really does not understand web design and the process to it , has their hands in the project the whole way through, especially since I know what works , what gets the most viewers, what keeps the most viewers engaged, and the importance of layout.

My own escort site has over 4,300 views or more in just a little under one year. I am not saying anyone`s site should look like mine, my site is truly very much "me" in personality but I am telling you that I know what works. I get compliments daily from women and men alike on all of my sites. even the ones I have created for others.

I complete my work usually within a  window of a week to 2 weeks depending on detail and amount of work on each persons different site.



Again I want our working together, or me working for you experience to be pleasant for the both of us. 

You hired me , or are planning to..

Sit back, relax and let me do the hard part.


You just continue being great!





seductivestorm 159 days ago


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