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VerifyHim “Let`s Build It” Initiative

After running VerifyHim for the last 5 years, I think it is time for me to share part of our technology to others in the industry. I would love to see more people in the industry stepping up and build awesome tools to keep us all safe. From my own perspective, we are still lack of good tools, and there are more needed to be done.


NOTE: This is a public discussion so be mindful of your comments. Feel free to buzz me if you want to talk privately.

If you are working on a safety tool that might benefit from using VerifyHim API, just let me know.




While we have over 10,000 members, VH is still a side project of mine. As somebody who is not in the industry and not from North America (where most of our members are), I think it is not right for me to keep all of this to myself.


Plus, I don`t know everything. All I can do is to listen to our members, but there`s still a limit to it.


So it would be great if I can help others to build awesome tools. Beside giving you access to our technology, I can certainly help and give inputs regarding the subject of data mining and stuff that you might lack.



  • Your project must have something to do with promote safety in our industry.

  • You must be a woman - just like the rest of VH community.

  • Your integrity and care for the community is well known.

  • You must be vouched by several VH members.

  • You and your team is competent enough when we discuss about integration and technical stuff.

  • Not to be used for illegal purposes (i.e. harassing somebody.)


When approved, you can access part of our screening tools as a building block to build your own tool.




If you are looking to build a business to make ton of money, please watch out. The fact is most strippers, massage therapists and other workers in the adult industry are kinda broke. Many are already down on their luck . Several VH screening tools are free for this reason (blacklist, Qikcheck, app). In fact, a large part of our revenue are used to maintain the free searches on VH. A strictly paid-to-use platform may shut out those who might need it the most.


If your revenue model is having them paying subscriptions, it will not work well. For example, while having a large community, only a tiny fraction of VH are paid members. Couple that with high turnover rate (because of prepaid cards), charge-backs and other expenses – things can go sour quick. Not to mention dealing with the drama, a few crazy individuals and the hysteria that is common in this industry. And I`m talking from my own experience (and still learning).


Looking back, in the last 5 years I have saw many tools built and gone. The reason is simple: nobody will pay for it even if it does create benefit. So please keep this in mind when you start out: Most of us are seriously broke.


If you are looking to get rich, this is not the right area for you. However if you want your work to be highly appreciated and mean something(that`s how I started as well), you are always welcome! Personally, I sleep well at night knowing what I built are keeping somebody somewhere staying safe. It`s priceless!


Now if you are still insist to work on your project, feel free to buzz me and tell me what you are working on. Let`s talk!

Last updated 669 days ago by The Boss

"If you are looking to get rich, this is not the right area for you."

hhhhmmmm, Toss in the "drama, crazy individuals, hysteria, and nobody will pay for it even if it does create benefit." 

So, calling all Saints out there that have extra Love to give, who are working on projects to keep hos Safe!  We need you!

EnlightenedEnergy 668 days ago

I`d actually really like to create a free community for both male and female sex workers but I have exactly zero technical skill. Still, I think this is a really cool move!

Mina 668 days ago

Yes, our goal is to have more innovation in this field to have better tools for us. I hope somebody out there might have a good idea and can use VH as a building block to create their own vision.

The Boss 668 days ago

Thank you Boss. 

none 668 days ago

What languages or data formats does your API support? I didn`t realize there was an API, so I`d never thought about making an app to help providers verify clients (actually it had occurred to me before, but the difficulty, I thought, would be convincing ANYONE to create an API!).  Is there documentation somewhere that you could point me to?  Let me know how I can get started! :)  

Excited, and thanks! :)


- Ashley

AshleyCorso 650 days ago

It`s not a tool exactly, but i thought I`d start a page here (a kind of tool in and of itself) were we could list our favorite screening sites/methods - other than VH which is, for me, a perfect place to start and point you in the right direction. Thank you so much for all that you do for us!

Also, i`ve been working on a local database template that, once completed, i`ll be happy to share. I feel like i`m reinventing the wheel though so if anybody knows of one already created, please tell me!

rachel 635 days ago

I think this is inspiring and amazing!! 

TeamSleep 589 days ago

I noticed a few websites that have voters registrations as public records yet when you go to search it sends you elsewhere. Voters registration lists across the country are considered public and downloadable but take vast amount of space. You can find info on them if we had them searchable on Verifyhim. Florida charges $5.00 to downlad the whole state. I think it is a great tool so please think of finding a way to do this. It is available in many states.

funtime 552 days ago


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