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For Ladies Interested In Places to Advertise.

I posted this earlier to my Tumblr and decided to share it here as well.

Hope it helps someone. Have a Great Safe Day!



For Sex Workers Who May not know where to Advertise.

Some of these are sneaky and you have to do it under the radar to not get kicked off the sites.


And honestly I use as many of them as possible. Getting back on some of the paid ones this week.

Remember you have to spend money to make money. Its the price of doing business.




3 (casual encounters under personals) (






13. ( hate them but for those of you interested)


15. Instagram















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Last updated 297 days ago by seductivestorm

This should be a sticky note! Thank you!

Gravity check 299 days ago

Can we make something a sticky note or only The Boss?

seductivestorm 299 days ago

How do you advertise on POF? Seems like there would be plenty of horny men who want everything for free . . . or a fuck buddy. 

Adrienne Baptiste 298 days ago

see on plenty of fish and tagged you have to go the angle of single mom or single lady seeking a man who knows how to spoil a lady. and then when they message you play it cool , feel them out and then when they ask what you do for work. hit them with Im an adult companion or I do massages.. some will become curious which will lead to appointments. when I first began escorting we did the same thing on yahoo personals and made a killing. :)

seductivestorm 298 days ago

it takes patience on POF and Tagged lol

seductivestorm 298 days ago

@seductivestorm. I wish I had been an adult entertainer when I was single and a monger amongst the single online ads. Seems the only guys that contacted me were married men pretending to be single. That scared me away. But now with my hooker knowledge, I should probably get back on there and play coy. LOL. For the first date at least. Expenses paid on the pretending single dude`s dime. Then on the second date, maybe let him know??
Heck, if they`re gonna lie about being single, then I can certainly advertise there.

Sophie 298 days ago

@sophie Amen. We`re hustlers get your coins where ya can!

seductivestorm 298 days ago

Always glad to share info.

seductivestorm 298 days ago

Add ,, ,, (there`s more but just got a brainfart). 

Mocha 297 days ago

all the ones I listed came straight outta my no google needed.. I been an escort tooooooo long.. lmao

seductivestorm 297 days ago

what do y`all think about sites like 

  • TINDER app
  • okcupid
  • seeking arrangement

DateAdrienne 288 days ago

ive used tinder but it got on my nerves. I have been meaning to do paid memberships to both whatsyourprice and seeking arrangement. I havent been on OK cupid in a few months because they catch what Im doing and block my profile but when I was on there I made some good $$$$. Seeking arrangement is good for sugaring.. but be careful on any of these sites as predators love lurking on them.. check out every nook and cranny of anyone you meet on any of these sites.

seductivestorm 288 days ago

Thank you for all of these!!

DominaAthenais 279 days ago

No problem have a great day

seductivestorm 279 days ago

Tinder is fine if you have a facebook that says you are a massage therapist, people will contact you ! and offer $$

SV28 170 days ago

I will look for others 



JuneBlossom 19 days ago


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